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Mini - Throwjan Minimim 7/9 bags (4 bag set)

Mini - Throwjan Minimim 7/9 bags (4 bag set)

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Burly Bags performance mini bags defy tradition!

Traditionally miniature cornhole bags are light, awkward to throw/control, stiff, lack performance, are made with novice caliber fabrics, clog the hole and often tend to be designed smaller than 4" inches so that they can actually go in. After all, they’re made for children right?

This is not good enough for “sport”. Miniature cornhole has grown to have tournaments, and is no longer just a casual gimmicky or “neat” game. So if the game is serious, the bags should be too.

Burly Bags performance mini bags:

  • Are made heavier (6.3 oz) to provide a more controlled throw.

  • Are loose enough to drip, while maintaining enough form to collect and provide a good hand feel.

  • Are constructed using the same professional fabrics used on our competition bags

  • Actively resist clogging the hole.

  • Measure a full 4” for maximum hole friendliness.

  • Have BBE (Big Bag Energy).


DESCRIPTION: The 7/9 Throwjan is a fast bag throwers delight! Average throwers may find this a more challenging bag to control in fast conditions, however when playing at night, on slow boards or in slower conditions, this bag is a welcomed addition to any players line up. This combination of fabrics resulted in our most hole friendly bag

SLOW CONDITIONS: The Throwjan is a terrific bag for slower for slower conditions, as it’s slow side fabric is less reactive to moisture than other fabrics in that speed range, allowing players (especially medium speed bag preferences players) the ability to maintain their ideal bag performance by transitioning to this bag In slower conditions

BAG PAIRING: While this bag will pair well with our other slower bags (rug life, Throwlex, etc) it is a perfect match for our “Gonzo” bag, as they react to moisture at the exact same rate and have a 1-1.5 speed difference on both sides.

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Thomas Jones

As always Hunter is amazing with his work. Time and time again he goes above and beyond. I Purchase any custom bags from him and will continue to do so. Quality is always top knotch.
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