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Mini - Throwdown Edition Throwlex 4.5/8

Mini - Throwdown Edition Throwlex 4.5/8

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Burly Bags performance mini bags defy tradition!

Traditionally miniature cornhole bags are light, awkward to throw/control, stiff, lack performance, are made with novice caliber fabrics, clog the hole and often tend to be designed smaller than 4" inches so that they can actually go in. After all, they’re made for children right?

This is not good enough for “sport”. Miniature cornhole has grown to have tournaments, and is no longer just a casual gimmicky or “neat” game. So if the game is serious, the bags should be too.

Burly Bags performance mini bags:

  • Are made heavier (6.3 oz) to provide a more controlled throw.

  • Are loose enough to drip, while maintaining enough form to collect and provide a good hand feel.

  • Are constructed using the same professional fabrics used on our competition bags

  • Actively resist clogging the hole.

  • Measure a full 4” for maximum hole friendliness.

  • Have BBE (Big Bag Energy).


DESCRIPTION: Introducing the “Throwlex”. A luxuriously soft and hole friendly slow side fabric, paired with a controllable fast side. Boasting an overall controllability within the abilities of most players, this bag has proven itself to be a crowd favorite. It’s controllable slow side makes blocking simpler without sacrificing the ability to slide or be pushed. Matched with an 8 speed fast side, also found on our “Gonzo”, players will enjoy a very friendly playability which includes elevated hole friendliness from a fabric that’s great for pushing, while not being too fast for most players.

Designed to look like a watch, with a gold bezel border, there are two Easter eggs within it’s design. With “21” where a date may be traditionally found on a clock, signifying the winning score for a game, the clock itself also indicates the average speed of this bag. With it’s hands pointing to 4:40, this is also an indication that the bag plays at approximately 4.5 on the slow side and 8 on the fast.

WET CONDITION PERFORMANCE: Ideal for fair weather, the slow side of this bag will adjust in speed based on conditions more than the average fabric. In dry sunny conditions, players may experience a greater increase in speed on the slow side than the fast, shifting closer to a 6/9 speed bag that would have maximum hole friendliness, while the presence of moisture will slow the slow side fabric at a quicker rate than the fast side, shifting closer to a 3/7.

BAG PAIRING RECOMMENDATION: Our Wrath 6/9 bag would be the ideal pairing for the Throwlex for slower conditions, while the Throwdelo 5.5/9 and Throwjan 7/9 bags would also be good options to provide similar gameplay without throw modifications when conditions slow.

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