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Mini - Rug Life 4/7 Carpet (4 bag set)

Mini - Rug Life 4/7 Carpet (4 bag set)

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Burly Bags performance mini bags defy tradition!

Traditionally miniature cornhole bags are light, awkward to throw/control, stiff, lack performance, are made with novice caliber fabrics, clog the hole and often tend to be designed smaller than 4" inches so that they can actually go in. After all, they’re made for children right?

This is not good enough for “sport”. Miniature cornhole has grown to have tournaments, and is no longer just a casual gimmicky or “neat” game. So if the game is serious, the bags should be too.

Burly Bags performance mini bags:

  • Are made heavier (6.3 oz) to provide a more controlled throw.

  • Are loose enough to drip, while maintaining enough form to collect and provide a good hand feel.

  • Are constructed using the same professional fabrics used on our competition bags

  • Actively resist clogging the hole.

  • Measure a full 4” for maximum hole friendliness.

  • Have BBE (Big Bag Energy).


DESCRIPTION: Introducing “Rug Life”, the carpet bag, reimagined. Traditionally carpet bags have a smaller template with a fuller feel, resulting in bags that will bounce upon impact and have an unforgiving kick for less than perfect throws. Rug Life’s looser feeling full size template with flat disk fill results in a carpet bag that restores control to the thrower, by eliminating bounce, and reducing kick. The carpet selection for Rug Life provides an ability to slide, rather than automatically rolling, allowing for controlled blocks, improved hole friendliness, and easy clean up due to it’s unique construction. This improved control and forgiveness does not come at the cost of performance, as Rug Life can still cut/roll/etc when those throw techniques are utilized.

WET CONDITION PERFORMANCE: As humidity/moisture is introduced and conditions begin to slow, players will experience a “speed crossover” with this bag. This means that the non-carpet side of the bag will transition from being the fast side to becoming the slow side, yielding a reduction in slide and increase in automatic rolling. While some players may appreciate these new characteristics, a bag selection change will be necessary to maintain intended performance.

BAG PAIRING RECOMMENDATION: Our “Hunter S. Tossin” 4/8 carpet bag is a recommend pairing with “Rug Life” as a single step transition during a decline in speed conditions.

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Customer Reviews

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Troy Mcgee

They are great bags feel great and play good

Jeff Taft

Great bags. Bags feel great. Extremely fast shipping. Will be purchasing more


Best bags in the mini game. Ruglifes are where it's at.