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Fabric Cutting, By the Bolt - 16"x16" Squares *FREE SHIPPING*

Fabric Cutting, By the Bolt - 16"x16" Squares *FREE SHIPPING*

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We offer a fabric cutting service on full bolts only. (We do not provide this service for folded fabric, despite the quantity)

Simply have your fabric orders shipped to us, and we’ll cut them to size and mail them to you, allowing you more time for higher value tasks.

With the cutting of layered fabric, bolt sizes of less than 60 yards will not impact pricing, however cutting multiple bolts to the same size at the same time, will provide savings due to cutting efficiencies.

Multiple fabrics on the same bolt are allowed, however they will be cut together

Additional fees will be required for bolts exceeding 60 yards in length or 65” in width.

NOTE: This size cut may not evenly fit the bolt width. (For example a 56” wide fabric will fit three 16” squares), so the remainder will be cut to be 1/2 the width if possible (For example 8” x 16”)

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